The beginning

In my first blog entry, I would like to explain the purpose of this blog and to introduce myself.

What is the purpose?

I believe that one of the most rewarding experiences is to learn, and not just any topic, but a difficult one, something challenging that forces you to focus and give your best.

I also believe that improving your craft and advancing in your career can give a lot of opportunities to participate in challenging projects and meet interesting people, so I want to start a journey to become the best software engineer that I can.

This blog will help me to keep myself on track and do not lose momentum on my goal, and perhaps it would let me know like-minded people and share advice, tips, and experiences.

There are several topics that I want to learn or improve, for example, blockchain technologies, machine learning, design patterns, functional programming, game development, front end frameworks, algorithms, AWS, etc.

Who am I?

I’m a 32-years-old software engineer, I’ve been developing Web Applications since 2010, my main area of experience is in Java backend, but I also have made some front end, mainly with vanilla Javascript and CSS, and a little bit of JQuery, Dojo and Angular.

I hold a bachelors degree on Electronics Engineering, so I know a little bit of math, and I took some courses on Computer Science, but I’m eager to learn whatever is necessary for this new project and I’m willing to work hard.

How am I going to achieve this?

I’m planning to dedicate at least an hour and a half per day, six days a week to study and develop projects. I will use resources available on the Internet like the MIT courses, Coursera, etc. and also books.

Further Steps

I have to prepare a plan and define how I’m going to progress on this journey, but I think that I will start with the basics, perhaps something about algorithms and design patterns.

P.S. Do you want to join me on this journey? Are you planning to learn something new this year?

Best regards, keep learning.

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